Installation Problems

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This page provides answers to issues that users have encountered when installing PANGU.

Error: not authorised

The most common reason for this problem is failure to open a new terminal window after setting the PANGU_LICENCE_FILE environment variable. If you don't have a licence file for your machine then you must request one via the licence request page on the site.

Note: used licence file ′′

If the licence file used by PANGU is reported as the empty string ′′ then you probably forgot to close the terminal/command window and open a new one after setting the PANGU_LICENCE_FILE environment variable. Environment variable changes will only apply to programs that are started after the change is made. So any existing windows will use the previous setting.

The specified licence file is not found

Check that the PANGU_LICENCE_FILE environment variable is set correctly. At a Windows/DOS/cmd.exe prompt type:


For Linux users type:


If the contents of the licence file are not displayed then the environment variable is wrong. Correct the error and remember to close the terminal and open a new one.

Other known issues

Please check the Known Issues page for other problems which might be encountered.